7 reasons why you should ditch your hair gels & waxes for pomade

1. Pomade is water based. Most hair products in the market like a wax or a gel are petroleum or lanolin based. Lately, pomades have entered the hair styling segment as the only water based formulation, free from harmful chemicals. Arguably the best feature of a water based pomade is that it can be easily rinsed off with water. Water based pomades are well suited to warm weather climates as they have an inherent ability to dry out and maintain a hairstyle throughout the day.

2. No after-use residues. Typically, hair gels and waxes leave gunk and flakes after use. This is because these products are wax based. Owing to the water based nature of most pomades, they leave no residue, gunk or flakes, even after a wearing it throughout the day.


  • 3. It’s healthy. H
  • air Pomades do not cause hair fall, acne or any other harm to your hair. Made with the purest organic carrier and essential oils, they enrich your hair with all the goodness associated with them. It is safe for everyday use. The Dapr. Hair Pomade is made with avocado oil while nourishes as you style. Can it get any better?


  • 4. Universal usage. H
  • air Pomades offer the best workability with different hair types. It works well on straight, wavy, curly and even unmanageable long hair. It is equally suitable on thin hair as it is on thick hair.


  • 5. Versatility & Adaptability. 
  • Pomades work equally well for getting the wet, shiny look as well as the matte dry look. One can get that perfect slick back, undercut or the pompadour with the use of a hair pomade. It’s water based formulation allows for restyling throughout the day - it reactivates when water is applied.


  • 6. Pleasant smelling. 
  • Hair Pomades are usually enriched with a wide variety of essential oils that impart them with a unique, pleasant, non-chemical smell. The Dapr. Hair Pomade has an amazing smell that is derived from Cedar wood, tea tree oil and lemon+basil extracts. You'll know it as soon as you open the jar.


  • 7. Easy Application. Pomades are easy to apply, style and rinse off. They typically do not require any additional styling accessories in order to achieve your desired result. Just the usual comb/brush and sometimes not even that!

  • There are too many pomades out there but the difference lies in the details. In this case, the ingredients. If you’re looking for one with the right smell, consistency and ingredients, click here.

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