Select the right hair product

With a wide variety of hair products to choose from in the market, selecting the right product for your hair becomes an important decision. Applying a gel to curly, wavy hair will not style your hair as desired. Knowing your hair type and the hairstyles intended from a product is the first step to choose a product. Below are some guidelines that will help you to make an educated choice.

Hair Gel: Hair gels as a styling product, have been in existence for a while now. It offers a very minimal range of styling and generally leaves you with rock solid, cement textured head with zero flexibility. Most hair gels are made from harmful chemicals and not recommended for everyday use. 

Key features:

  • Limited to the shiny wet look.
  • Only applicable on damp hair.
  • Leaves hair with gunk and flakes after use.
  • Difficult to restyle after the hair set.
  • Not suitable for daily use.
  • Harmful chemical based, not known for organic/herbal ingredients.

Hair Wax: Hair wax is by far the most widely used product on the market. But, that does not make it suitable for everyone and definitely not the best product on the market. Its petroleum and beeswax base mixed with a wide variety of oils and chemicals makes its usage limited to a matte or dull finish. It is safe to call the hair wax a ‘poor cousin’ of a pomade

Key features:

    • Limited usage for the matte/dull finish.
    • Best when applied on dry hair.
    • Leaves hair greasy and oily after use.
    • Difficult to restyle after initial use.
    • Not suggested for the daily styling routine.
    • Only gets rid with a shampoo cleanse.

    Dapr. Advanced Hair Pomade: Hair pomades have set a precedent in the hair styling circuit. Most pomades are water based and petroleum/paraben/lanolin free. Its fully functional for a wide variety of hair styles. What is key is it’s adaptive nature and versatility as per the amount of water present in the hair. Pomades are widely known to have great smell. 

    Key features:

    • Universal usage for all hair types.
    • Matte look when applied on dry hair. Wet/Shiny look when applied on damp hair.
    • No stickiness, gunk or grease.
    • Reactivates with water for re-styling.
    • Safe for everyday use.
    • Pleasant smelling.

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