Select the right beard grooming product

Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Beard Creams, Beard Elixirs, Beard Serums, Beard Wax and Beard Butters, all these products and fancy terms yet none of them working for your beard? Is there a possibility that you are using an incorrect beard product for your beard? Let’s walk through some of the major beard products before you can decide which product is best for you.

Beard Oil: Typically the go to product for every beard, a fundamental grooming accessory irrespective of the size of your beard. It nourishes and moisturizes the beard and the underlying skin. Generally, beard oils give a shiny finish when applied to the beard. No beeswax or emulsifying content in the beard oil is not suited for hold and styling your beard.

Key features:

  • Shines and nourishes.
  • Suitable for most beard types.
  • Pleasant smelling.
  • Not suitable for styling.
  • Not suited for oily skin types.
  • May cause acne.

Beard Balm/Wax: Balms or Waxes are essentially the same in terms of ingredients and functionality. Both have the same 4 core ingredients and the content % of each ingredient along with the marketability aspect differentiates the nomenclature. The 4 key ingredients being carrier (base) oils, essential oils, butters (cocoa/shea/mango) and beeswax. Beard Balms have less beeswax than a Beard Wax and generally suited for low-medium length beards. Beard Wax on the other hand has a strong holding property because of a larger beeswax presence and is suited for the medium-long beard lengths. The butters impart the hydrating and softening effect, while the oils moisturize and nourish the beard and skin. The Beeswax in the balms and waxes usually are suited for styling and providing hold to the beard but they generally tend to be sticky, greasy and provides excess shine. It can also cause acne and other skin related issues.

Key Features:

  • Moisturises, nourishes and hydrates.
  • Suited for Medium-Long beard lengths.
  • Shiny/Matte finish.
  • Suited for styling and hold.
  • Not Suited for daily use.
  • Not suited for all skin types.
  • Not ideal for the hot summer days.
  • Cause stickiness and greasiness.

Dapr. Beard Butter: Our Beard Butter was formulated with the idea of using the best properties of the beard oil and wax/balm. We believe the beard butter is a much better alternative to any of the beard grooming products as they have been made to deliver the best of both - wax/blam and oil. As the name suggests, beard butter is butter based but that does not mean your normal, everyday use butter. The highest grade of shea butter is used to soften, smoothen and hydrate the beard and the skin. The carrier and essential oil blend provides moisture, nourishment and fragrance. A bit of beeswax has been added to provide the right amount of hold but not make the beard sticky. The beard butter focuses on moisturizing the beard while minimizing itchiness. The oil content % in the beard butter ensures that your beard does not feel overly oily.

Key Features:

  • Moisturises, nourishes, hydrates, smoothens, softens, all in one.
  • Suited for all beard lengths.
  • No stickiness, greasiness and oil free.
  • Natural, organic ingredients suited for most skin types.
  • Smells like an Old Fashioned cocktail because of the orange bitters and bourbon oil.
  • Non-waxy texture.
  • Daily grooming essential.
  • The best of both worlds. (Oil, Wax/Balm)

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